Hospital – Based


Team E – Geriatrics is our teaching and clinical service at St. Luke’s Hospital, dedicated to providing the best quality of care to hospitalized elderly patients and training young physicians to acquire expertise in caring for this vulnerable population. Its core team consists of a Geriatric Hospitalist, a Geriatric Fellow, a Senior Medical Resident, two Medical Interns. Other members may include students from Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons or College of Nursing, Long Island University (LIU) Physician Assistant Program, or SLRHC Pharmacy Resident, or Sub-Interns from other medical schools. The team is supported by a multidisciplinary unit-based staff of nurses, social workers, case managers, physical therapist, and nutritionist.
A similar Geriatric Hospitalist service is also available at Roosevelt Hospital through the Med B – Jr team, or the Private Hospitalist service.



In-patient Consultation related to Geriatrics, Palliative or Hospice Care is available at both sites and may be reached by pager at St. Luke’s Hospital (beeper # 30929) and at Roosevelt Hospital (beeper # 30928).



Indications for Geriatric consultation include: dementia, cognitive impairment, delirium, and/ or agitation; frequent falls or gait disturbance; frequent ER visits/ hospitalization/ re-admission; polypharmacy; suspected elder abuse or maltreatment; complicated pressure ulcers; other syndromes such as urinary incontinence, malnutrition, frailty.



Our consultation team supports the Department of Social Work in providing a more intensive evaluation and intervention for patients with complex medical and psychosocial needs. To facilitate a safe and appropriate discharge planning, the unit social worker will identify patients with complicated issues and refer to the Assistant Director of Social Work for further evaluation. The Assistant SW Director will determine the involvement of other disciplines to achieve a safe and timely discharge plan. Complex Care Evaluation & Intervention is also an indication for requesting a Geriatric consultation.



Since 2003, hospice and palliative care at SLRHC has a team – based approach to expert medical care, pain management, emotional and spiritual support for addressing the individual needs and wishes of seriously ill or dying patients and their loved ones.  Evaluation and management services are provided by an experienced attending physician, a nurse practitioner, a Geriatric fellow, and an in-patient scatterbed team from MJHS/ Jacob Perlow Hospice consisting of a nurse, a social worker, bereavement counselor, and pastoral care. Our program has also recently received funding from Isabel Leighton Bunker Trust.
The Integrated Palliative & Hospice Care Program at SLRHC provides specialist – level care for patients with any type of serious or life-limiting illness, including but not limited to cancer, HIV, COPD, ESRD, cirrhosis, congestive heart failure, and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Dementia, Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s. The goal is not to cure, but to give comfort and maintain the highest possible quality of life for as long as life remains. The focus is not on death, but on compassionate specialized care for the living.
Request for consultation can be done by pager (as above), or by calling MJHS/ Jacob Perlow Hospice at (212) 420 – 3370.


Office – Based

Our ambulatory practice is dedicated to maintaining the well-being & vitality of older adults. Our goal is to help the aging adults live up to their full potential. We interact with caregivers and family members on a personal and clinical level, as well as work together to provide consistently high quality patient care.
If a patient’s condition requires an increase in acuity of care from an office setting to a hospital setting, we maintain the continuity of medical attention by collaborating and coordinating with our Geriatric hospitalist program.
We use a multidisciplinary, bilingual team, with social work and specialist services on-site. We provide 24-hour coverage and accept all major payers at our two office sites:

  • UNIVERSITY MEDICAL PRACTICE ASSOCIATES, 1090 Amsterdam Avenue (at 114th Street), Suite 4C, New York, NY 10025; (212) 961 – 5500 (24-hour line); (212) 315 – 2645 (for appointments)
  • ST. LUKE’S MEDICAL GROUP, 2771 Frederick Douglass Boulevard (at 147th Street), New York, NY 10039; (212) 690 – 0303 (24-hour line and for appointments)



Community – Based

In keeping with our mission to serve a wide patient population while providing excellence in the delivery and coordination of health care to our community, the Division of Geriatrics Medicine has a number of community based programs that extend beyond just the immediate surrounding neighborhoods, reaching out to include the entire city of New York. Some of these programs include the SLRHC Home Visit Program, the NORC Program, Assited Living Program, the SNF collaborative, and the Community Influenza Immunization Drive. Click here for details on each of these programs..


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