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Welcome to the Division of Geriatric Medicine under the Department of Medicine of Mt. Sinai - St. Luke's! The United States is experiencing an unprecedented growth in the number and proportion of older adults. In the last 2010 Census, 35 million Americans (12.4% of the population) were 65 years of age and older, and will double in 2030 to 70 million (20.6% of the population). New York's population is likewise growing, and growing older. By 2030, one out of five New Yorkers will be over the age of 65. The rising demand for Geriatrics expertise and programs is a challenge for the health care system. Older adults have complex needs and we at SLRHC intend to provide the best quality of care delivery to our seniors. We have hospital-based and community-based services that we can offer to our patients and their families as we work towards maximizing the individual's independence and allow successful aging in the community. Our approach to the care of the older adult is collaborative and interdisciplinary. We work closely with community-based organizations and we hope that as you enter our website, you will find helpful information and resources. Again, welcome!

Brenda Matti-Orozco, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
Columbia University College of
Physicians & Surgeons
Chief, Division of Geriatric Medicine
Associate Chief, Division of General Medicine
Mt. Sinai - St. Luke's
1111 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10025
Phone: 212.523.5934;
Fax: 212.523.2842


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